Departure Location: Circular Quay Eastern Pontoon – Jetty 1(between ferry wharf 2 & Opera House)

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Fox Sports – Rugby 7s on Sydney Harbour with Thunder Jet


Fox Sports – Rugby 7s on Sydney Harbour with Thunder Jet

In the world of rugby, where speed and excitement are the name of the game, the Rugby 7s team recently traded their rugby boots for life jackets and embarked on an unexpected adventure. Thunder Jet, synonymous with high-speed thrills, became the stage for a day of surprises and laughter. What started as a casual cruise transformed into an adrenaline-packed joyride, leaving the rugby team with memories as fast-paced as their game on the field.

Thunder on Sydney Harbour – where rugby meets the thunderous roar of the jet boat for a day of high-speed adventure!

As the Rugby 7s team boarded the Thunder Jet, there was an air of anticipation. The guys, perhaps expecting a leisurely cruise, were in for a surprise that would take their Sydney Harbour experience to a whole new level. Little did they know, this was no ordinary boat ride.

The gentle cruise they may have envisioned quickly gave way to a high-octane adventure. Thunder Jet lived up to its name, unleashing spins and splashes that had the rugby players gripping the edges of their seats. Laughter echoed across the harbour as the unexpected twists and turns elicited pure joy and excitement.

What began as a simple boat ride evolved into a Rugby 7s adventure that will be etched in the team’s memory forever. Thunder Jet not only showcased the beauty of Sydney Harbour but also demonstrated the power of surprise and the joy that comes with embracing the unexpected!

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