Do you really have Sydney’s most advanced Jet Boat?

We sure do! We have a 100% Safety Record!

We have built Thunder Jets ‘Lightning’ from the one of the most reputable Jet Boat builders in the world. This is his latest and greatest design, he has been building them since 2000 – that’s more than 10 years of experience! In 2009, the National standard for commercial vessels standards for “fast craft” was introduced, creating a more stringent design standard which we adhered to when designing our boat to be;

  • The Safest
  • The Strongest hull design
  • Most Comfortable
  • Most Thrilling
  • Most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly operating engines available

Where does Thunder Jet Boat depart from?

We depart daily from the Eastern Pontoon at Circular Quay. This is the Pontoon between the Opera House and the Sydney Ferry wharves. Located near the Dendy movie theatre or a short stroll from the Opera Bar. (See Departure Map)

What do I wear?

It is best to wear comfortable clothing that you won’t mind getting a bit wet! We provide Water Proof Spray Jackets to all Jet Boaters however there’s no guarantee you will stay dry so bring a change of clothes if you have fancy dinner plans. Footwear must be worn (flip flops / sandals are fine). For the ladies, flat shoes are best! We have steps fitted to one of our vessels for ease of getting in and out, and an aisle down the middle to get to your seat (Thunder vessel only).

Will I get wet?

Yes… BUT we do provide waterproof ponchos. Every ride is different according to the Harbour conditions from a mild spray to very wet. If you want to stay on the dryer side, we suggest you sit towards the back of the boat. We do provide secure locker storage for your valuables while on the rides.

Is there a Minimum Age to ride the jet boat?

Not necessarily, the only restrictions are that all children must be over 120cm, but we do suggest a minimum of 5 years. All passengers should be able to reach the handrails and hold on firmly. Passengers aged under 18 years must have an adult sign on their behalf.

Are there any restrictions to riding Thunder Jet?

The only restrictions are that all children must be over 120cm, and we suggest a minimum of 5 years. All passengers should be able to reach the handrails. It is advised that any passenger/s who may be pregnant, had any recent injuries, suffer from neck, back or heart conditions are not to ride on the Thunder Jet.

How many persons does the Thunder Jet Boat hold?

There are 3 Thunder Jet Boats available, ‘Tornado’ and ‘Lightning’ both hold up to 23 persons. Harbour Jet holds up to 25 persons therefore we can take up to 71 persons at the one time!

How long do the rides go for?

It varies on which ride you have chosen, ‘Thunder Thrill’ is a 30 minute experience and the ‘Extreme Adrenalin Rush’ is a 45 minute experience. Of course if you charter the Jet boat it can be chartered for however long (or short) you wish!

What is the difference between the ‘Thunder Thrill Ride’ and the ‘Extreme Adrenalin Rush’?

Not only is ‘Extreme Adrenaline Rush’ a longer ride, but it takes you to the extremes of Sydney Harbour allowing you to take in more of the sights that you wouldn’t see on the ‘Thunder Thrill!’ It takes you to Sydney Heads so you can experience the Ocean Swells!

Do I need to be there earlier than my departure time?

Yes you do. Our passengers are required to check in at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time.

Can I bring a camera on the Thunder Jet and take pictures?

As you will need to hold on with both hands during spins, unless you have a head or chest mounted Go Pro, you cannot take cameras on board as this could be a risk to yourself or others. Thunder Jet will not be responsible for the safety of your camera or personal goods. Thunder Jet do sell photos of your group at the Circular Quay outlet.

Where can I place our personal goods?

Thunder Jet provide a secure locker that you can place your valuables in on the wharf.

Am I allowed to eat, drink or smoke on Thunder Jet?

Unfortunately not, we do not allow any food or drinks on board Thunder Jet, and most definitely No Smoking!

How long are the Gift Certificates valid for?

All Gift Certificates for Thunder Jet are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Once your voucher has expired, you will be unable to redeem it to ride on the Thunder Jet. Voucher extensions are only available if you contact us within the validity date. Charges for 3 months validity is available for $25 per voucher.

What if I wish to book the Thunder Jet on a time not found on the Booking System?

If a specific time is not available, give us a call and we’ll do our very best to fit something in for you.

I can’t seem to book an exclusive charter on the Booking System?

That is not a problem at all, just give us a call, or send us an email so we can personally attend to your requests. Ph: 02  9566 1066 – email

Are bookings essential?

No. You are more than welcome to come along on the day and hop onto the Thunder Jet, subject to spaces available. We do recommend booking for weekends, special event days and school holidays as we get very busy. However, bookings are ESSENTIAL for the Extreme Adrenalin Rush, departing at 1230hrs each day.

Is the Jet Boat Ride safe?

Absolutely! The Thunder Jet Boats and the staff have over 15 years of experience operating marine businesses on Sydney Harbour. We have a 100% Safety Record! These particular Jet Boats are designed and built in Australia with safety as the number one priority. All riders are equipped with a life jacket before boarding, even though we have never had to use them! Our crew and management staff conduct daily safety checks on the vessels to ensure we maintain our high safety standards. We operate under strict controls via the NSW Maritime. If you have any particular concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our staff.

Do you have a brochure I can view?

Yes! You can download our latest brochure right here – Thunder Jet Brochure

I’m struggling to book using my Deal Voucher?

if you’re experiencing difficulties trying to book your ride with Thunder Jet and you have a deal voucher from the following: Groupon, Living Social, Cudo, Deals – make sure you are following this link and are using a laptop or PC.  It is recommended that all voucher bookings should be booked at least 24 hours in advance as we cannot accept these vouchers over the phone. Same day bookings are not accepted therefore bookings should be made no later than 10-12 hours before a scheduled ride.

How much does it cost to go on the Thunder Jet Boat Rides?

30 Minute Thunder Thrill – $85 Adults – $49 Kids – $219 Family (2+2)
45 Minute Extreme Adrenalin Rush – $99 Adults – $69 Kids – $295 Family (2+2)
These are our retail prices, you might find we offer great deals on our website or Facebook Page. We also offer great charter rates for groups – please contact us for more info!

Can we keep in touch?

We sure can! You can follow Thunder Jet on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to ensure you’ll be kept up to date for any News, Special Offers.