Departure Location: Circular Quay Eastern Pontoon – Jetty 1(between ferry wharf 2 & Opera House)

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Ring in the New Year with jet boat front-row views of Sydney Harbour’s Fireworks


Pick Either the 9PM or Midnight Fireworks Options below

Ring in the New Year with jet boat front-row views of Sydney Harbour’s spectacular midnight fireworks! with 20 years of experience getting the best seats in the house.
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FROM: $150

9 PM NYE FIRE WORKS CRUISE - Family Fireworks Show

9PM Fireworks Cruise

Secure your spot on our 9PM Fireworks Cruise for an Unforgettable Jet Boat Experience!
  • Adult

  • Child

  • Family


Step into a night of enchantment as you embark on our New Year’s Eve slow cruise, a perfect family-friendly adventure offering front-row views to the mesmerizing 9 PM Family Fireworks Extravaganza in the heart of Sydney Harbour. This thoughtfully-timed experience ensures that even the littlest revelers can delight in the magic without staying up too late. Glide through the iconic waters, capturing unobstructed views of the spectacular display while enjoying the perfect blend of relaxation and exhilaration. Our experienced guides add depth to your journey with insights into the city’s landmarks, making this jet boat adventure a memorable and safe choice for celebrating the arrival of the New Year with your loved ones!

  • BYO Cruise Phone
  • Duration approximately 1.5hrs,
  • Departure at 8:00 pm, must check in at 7:45 pm,
  • Amazing viewing in an open top Jet boat
  • Must be over 1.2m tall


Maximize Your Sydney Spectacle: Book Midnight Fireworks Cruise on a Jet Boat for Unrivaled Views and Unforgettable Moments!

Escape the ordinary and embrace a New Year’s Eve like never before with our Midnight Magic Jet Boat Experience. As the clock strikes midnight, find yourself at the epicenter of the celebration with front-row views to Sydney Harbour’s spectacular fireworks. Our exclusive jet boat adventure not only offers unobstructed panoramic views. Glide through the harbour with experienced guides steering the way, avoiding the crowds for an intimate and premium experience. Say goodbye to the ordinary and welcome the New Year in style aboard our jet boat, where every moment is crafted for an unforgettable start to the year!

  • BYO Cruise Phone
  • Duration approximately 1.5hrs,
  • Departure at 11:00 pm, must check in at 10:45 pm,
  • Amazing viewing in an open top Jet boat
  • Must be over 1.2m tall

How to get there

Below are Easy Steps on How to Reach our Woolloomooloo Thunder Jet Departure location for our Slow amazing view NYE cruise Options.

Train, Bus

When traveling to Woolloomooloo Bay’s Finger Wharf in Sydney, consider utilizing public transportation for convenience. The nearest train station is Kings Cross Station, located approximately 1.5 kilometers away. From Kings Cross Station, you can catch a bus to Woolloomooloo. The closest bus stop to Woolloomooloo Bay is the Cowper Wharf Road at Sir John Young Crescent stop. Simply disembark at this stop and proceed with a short walk to reach the iconic Finger Wharf. Public transport provides a practical and efficient means of reaching Woolloomooloo Bay, ensuring a straightforward journey to this picturesque location on Sydney’s harbor.

Road Taxi

For a quick and convenient transfer from Sydney CBD to Woolloomooloo Bay’s Finger Wharf, taxis offer a direct and efficient option. Begin by flagging down a taxi or, if preferred, use a rideshare app to request one from your location in the central business district. Simply provide the driver with the destination address: Finger Wharf, Woolloomooloo Bay. The journey typically takes a short time, providing a hassle-free means of transportation. Enjoy a comfortable ride as you traverse the cityscape and harbor views, arriving promptly at the Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo Bay for a seamless transition to your desired location.


For hassle-free parking options in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, follow these simple instructions to ensure a smooth experience. Numerous public parking lots and street parking spaces are available in the area. Consider utilizing Wilson Parking facilities, conveniently located throughout Woolloomooloo, offering secure and accessible options. Additionally, some hotels in the vicinity may provide parking for guests. Pay attention to signage indicating time restrictions and applicable fees for street parking. For a more detailed guide, check online maps or apps that highlight parking locations and real-time availability. By planning ahead and exploring various options, you can easily find a suitable parking spot, allowing you to enjoy all that Woolloomooloo has to offer without the stress of parking inconveniences.


To walk from Town Hall to Woolloomooloo Bay’s Finger Wharf in Sydney, head east on Druitt Street toward George Street. Continue through Hyde Park, exit on the eastern side, and follow the path along Art Gallery Road. Walk through the Royal Botanic Garden, then follow Mrs Macquaries Road along the harbor until you reach Woolloomooloo Bay’s Finger Wharf. The Finger Wharf is easily recognizable and offers waterfront dining with views of Sydney Harbour. Enjoy the straightforward walk and the scenic route from Town Hall to Woolloomooloo Bay.

Upgrade your Experience

Double your fun and get more bang for your buck by upgrading your experience with one of these exciting Sydney attractions.

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Burger Deal + Thunder Thrill GIFT CARD

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Immerse in glamour at Madame Tussauds and high-speed thrills with Thunder Jet for a day filled with excitement in Sydney!

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9PM Family Fireworks

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with the kids in tow! Cruise into the early magic of the 9 pm fireworks aboard our family-friendly jet boat adventure in Sydney Harbour!

80 Minutes (approx.)
Special Events
From $395

Midnight Fireworks

Countdown to the New Year with a front-row seat to the spectacular midnight fireworks aboard our jet boat– where every moment is a celebration!

75 Minutes (approx.)
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