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Not even the Sydney night life is as fast and fun as a Sydney jet boat thrill ride! Jet boats that are capable of carrying loads of 20 and 23 people are making a splash in the harbour. Organized groups can share the thrill of a jet boat thrill ride together. Family groups, large and small can experience the exuberance of these untamed speed behemoths.

The operators of the Sydney speed boats push their crafts to the limits to give every person on board an experience they’ll never forget. At full speed the boats zip along only to make a sudden stop, giving the riders the thrill of feeling they’re about to go end over end. But not to worry, these boats are super stable and capable of doing stunts such as these without flipping or tumbling.

Nothing will prepare you for the dizzying effects of 360 degree turns at these speeds! Ponchos will be provided, and you’ll be needing them as the boat hums along at high speeds only to make a left or right turn resulting in a slide that will make you think you’re on a roller coaster as the water comes in torrents! The Surround Sound Music System will make this rocking experience rock even more! With no “slow zones”, there will be nothing but fast moving excitement from start to finish.

Scoot past Sydney’s most famous landmark, the Opera House. You’ll see the Harbour Islands and ride into Rose Bay and Watson Bay. There’ll be some wild wave jumping in the ocean as you arrive at Sydney Heads. The trip back will take you by the Taronga Zoo. The jet boat glides under the picturesque Harbour Bridge allowing you to take in this feat of engineering from a close up vantage point of its underside.

The Thunder Jet Boats run all year long. During the summer months rides are available from 10:30 am until 5:30 pm every hour on the half hour. For the rest of the year they run from 11:30 am until 3:30 pm on the half hours. Group rates are available. For special rates on children’s parties of 10 or more, call 02 9299 0199. It’ll be a party experience they’ll never forget!

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Sydney is the most popular city in Australia for many reasons. It has a lot of famous things to see like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour. It also has a lot of great restaurants that appeal to visitors. Perhaps the city’s greatest feature is that it offers a wide variety of things to do for visitors. Here is a look at some of the most enjoyable things to do for people who are in Sydney.

Check Out Bondi Beach

One of Sydney’s main claims to fame is that it features so many great beaches with its seaside location. None of them are any better than Bondi Beach. This fantastic beach is a great place to soak up some sun and lounge on the sand. There are some amazing restaurants that line the beach where visitors can enjoy a beautiful meal with the salt of the sea accentuating the food’s seasoning. This is also a great place to go surfing, including the chance for beginners to learn with the surf schools that are here.

Go for a Jet Boat Ride

Thunder Jet Boat Sydney is a company that gives people the chance to ride in jet boats out on Sydney Harbour. While passengers get to bask in the magnificent view, they also get to enjoy the thrills of the incredible speed produced by these jet boats. The operators of the boats take passengers on a wild ride, including lots of incredible maneuvers like a 360-degree spin. This is a great activity in the city for adventure seekers who will love to experience the rush of adrenaline that comes along with it.

Go Shopping on Oxford Street

Sydney is a shopaholics’ paradise. There are loads of amazing places to find great deals in Sydney, but no location is more famous with shoppers in the city than Oxford Street. This street in the fashionable Paddington neighbourhood is home to some of the most amazing boutiques and designers. This is the place to go for a fabulous new outfit or some beautiful handicrafts.

Listen to Live Music

Music lovers will adore Sydney. There are a wide range of places to hear live music in the city, ranging from a world-famous opera house to lots of gritty pubs. All of them have their own charms, but the point is that there is never a night in this city where there isn’t great live music being played.

See Some Amazing Art

Art aficionados must pay a visit to The Surrey Hills neighbourhood while they are in Sydney. Surrey Hills is packed with some amazing galleries that showcase cutting-edge artwork. There are also some of the best restaurants in the city sprinkled around the galleries.

Sydney is a Blast

As you can see, Sydney has a lot of fun stuff to do. There is never a dull moment for visitors to the city. The best part is that there is always something new and exciting to do. Visitors will have a great time exploring new adventures here.

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The thrilling 20-passenger Thunder Jet boats that spin around in Sydney Harbour are inviting, but are they a safe way to see Sydney Harbour’s sights? Passengers can view the Sydney Bridge, the Opera House and more — while enjoying incredible stunts and wild spins.

The answer is an unequivocal yes! Here are the reasons why:

Our operation, the Thunder Jet Boat Sydney, is under the control of the NSW Maritime, a local governing body regulating adventure boat operation in Sydney Harbour. The NSW Maritime outlines three concerns that Thunder Jet Boat must be aware of, concerns we share:

  1. Areas the Thunder Jet boats can operate.
  2. The distance maintained from other vessels and individuals in the water.
  3. The speed of operation. It is restricted, as is operation in shallow areas where a boat could capsize.
  4. Boat Masters must understand local traffic conditions.

Our boat Masters are registered with the NSW Maritime. The NSW Maritime must grant Masters and boats approved status before they can operate in the harbour. Our Thunder Jet Boats have been approved for operation, as well as our crew.

Sydney Harbour is a busy place, with commercial and recreational vessels of all kinds travelling the waterways. Ferries regularly navigate the harbour. How to ensure the safety of the passengers on board the Thunder Jet boat and the safety of others around them is our first priority. Our crews use only the designated areas to perform the exciting stunts and spins.

The NSW Maritime has also prohibited maneuvers or stunts in the head of oncoming vessels at 200 meters or less, or near vessels to the port and starboard within 60 meters, or near vessels 60 meters behind the Thunder Jet boat. These are obvious safety concerns and we heartily conform to these guidelines. We know the location of stationary fixtures, other vessels and individuals in the water.

The area approved for use by vessels like the Thunder Jet boats has been thoroughly researched by the NSW Maritime to avoid conflicts with other vessels, any anticipated conflicts with other waterway users, the proximity of residential areas to the maneuver area and any environmental issues.

The Thunder Jet boats comfortably seat 20 people, 23 in our larger boat, and we provide rain ponchos. Amidst all the fun, passengers get sprayed. This boat is fun and we want everyone to buy a ticket, but the boat designers have suggested we restrict the age of children to five years to ensure they are old enough to reach handrails. Just as a precaution, we don’t advise pregnant people, people recovering from a recent injury, or anyone with back, neck or heart problems to get on board. We also lock up personal items like wallets, passports, purses or cameras in lockers if riders prefer. Cameras are allowed on board, but a camera will likely get wet.

The Thunder Jet boats and staff have operated in Sydney Harbour for over 15 years and have never suffered an accident. The boats are designed with safety as the first concern. Though we’ve never had occasion to use it, all boats are outfitted with safety equipment. Everyone at Thunder Jet boat is concerned about safety and both management and crew routinely check on the vessel safety issues — Those checks occur every day. If you have any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us about it.