‘Tornado’ & ‘Lightning’
Sydney’s newest & most advanced Jet Boats!

‘Tornado’ is the Harbour’s newest jet boat. It is the world’s most advanced jet boat based here in Sydney Harbour.

Our Thunder Jet Boats are unique and have been designed specifically for Sydney Harbour. Built and designed in Australia our Jet Boats are designed for maximum strength, speed and manoeuvrability. ‘Lightning’ has be designed and built with Spins in mind. This Jet Boat will complete 360° spins!!

‘Tornado’ and ‘Lightning’ both hold up to 23 passengers each and both feature a surround sound music system. Our new updated boats features the driver riding up front with the passengers, in a high seat position so he has a clear view of all passengers.

With Twin 355hp Turbo Charged diesel engines, powering world famous Hamilton Jet propulsion units pumping out a more than 900 Litres of water a second!!

We have 2 interchangeable highly specialised craft. The combination of the hull design as well as the engine and jet unit configuration means that fully loaded, carrying up 23 passengers on both ‘Tornado’ and on ‘Lightning’ plus the driver.


We are pleased to advise our 100% Safety Record!

Our Jet Boat Pilots are highly trained professionals and know the ever-changing waters of Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Heads.

Each Jet Boat Pilot conducts over 1800hrs+ of marine training, governed by Government Authorities and are strictly trained before taking any “Thunder Jet “customers Aboard!

Recruited for their outgoing personalities and their their driving ability, our Jet Boat drivers deliver the Thunder Jet experience in an individual and fun fashion, combining on-water thrills with their own personalised commentaries, all the time giving you the best Sydney Harbour Jet Boat ride you have ever been on!

It’s a thrilling ride plus
You are in experienced and safe hands.